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Once we receive an enquiry regarding our services we follow the most simple and quick method from the start to the successful delivery of the project,
Step 1: Understanding your requirements by emails, follow up calls or Skype or Yahoo Chats taking prior email appointment ensuring we do not disturb your daily busy and business schedules.
Step 2: Once we are clear we start defining the entire scope of work at our end by evaluation of the sample drawings and specifications provided by you.
Step 3: Constructing a dedicated technical team as per the project demand and skills sets required.
Step 4: Preparing of Indexing Sheets for proper database maintenance.
Step 5: Defining the Quality Check and Assurance process the most important part of the project as per your requirements and our standard procedures.
Step 6: Modifications and rectifications process.
Step 7: Delivery Schedule

Quality Assurance

Three level Quality check to assure 99.996% accuracy.
Separate team for quality checks.
Quality related incentive scheme.


Normally we will use MS-Excel to maintain the database. Where volumes of drawings are high and are stored in electronic or Image/CDROM format we use an important process to have a faster and accurate method retrieval using varying levels of criteria.
Indexing provides this function simply and efficiently, using criteria designed to suit specific requirements. For example the drawings are indexed by,
We provide following Indexing Services,

Indexing of Computer formats

Where CAD drawings have been written to Storage media we can provide a complete indexing facility to ensure that these are the retrievable fast and efficiently utilizing your specifications index criteria,

Indexing of Image Drawings

Where there are large volumes of drawings on the storage media a flexible accurate index system is required for the easy retrieval of correct document. As with CAD drawings we can index drawings images to your specifications index criteria to ensure ease of retrieval.
Our IT division backed up by well experienced and qualified Software professionals using latest technology can design applications as per your requirements.